What is the Mizu no Kamuy Tourism Area?

What is the Mizu no Kamuy Tourism Area?

Home to two national parks and truly unique natural wonders

What is the Mizu no Kamuy Tourism Area?
  • The area is surrounded in diverse natural wonders, including Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Akan National Park as well as Japan’s first protected wetland under the Ramsar Convention, and offers accommodations in downtown Kushiro City or hot spring resorts located at Lake Akan and Kawayu.
  • In May 2011, Lake Akan and Lake Mashu received a three-star ranking in the Michelin Green Guide Japan as destinations that are well worth the visit.
  • The area offers access to beautiful, expansive natural wonders through canoeing and other eco tourism opportunities, and also has infrastructure in urban areas capable of hosting major international conferences, such as Ramsar Convention meetings.
  • Kushiro Marsh
  • Lake Akan
  • Lake Mashu

Aiming to be an attractive eco tourism destination that can accommodate extended stays

  • Efforts are being made facilitate smooth transportation within the region and accommodate extended stay programs while proposing new styles of travel that emphasize nature and interaction with local people, by capitalizing on the diverse and truly unique tourism resources of the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Akan National Park areas.
  • he unique attractions of this area will be marketed in Japan and abroad to promote eco tourism opportunities. These attractions include Kushiro March, a registered wetland under the Ramsar Convention, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, the only lake in the world to be a registered monitoring station of an international organization, the Japanese red-crowned crane and marimo, both a protected in Japan and internationally recognized, and a unique folk culture that emphasizes harmony with the natural environment.
  • Servicing Kushiro Marsh, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu Pirika Express and White Pirika Express
  • 阿寒バス株式会社定期観光バスで行く!!しつげん55PASSでめぐる冬のたんちょう号
  • Travel anywhere in or between Kushiro, Akan and Abashiri Take advantage of a 4- or 7-day pass East Hokkaido Free Pass
  • Eco Passport Special 2-day bus pass offering unlimited travel within Teshikaga Town, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo
  • Experience winter in Eastern Hokkaido by bus Express Bus
  • ※Please visit the website of each bus company for more information about these bus services and bus passes.

Treasure of Asia Amazing Wonders Await Kushiro Marsh, Lake Akan, and Lake Mashu

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