Lake Kussharo Attractions Part 1 The Whooper Swans of Lake Kussharo

Lake Kussharo Attractions Part 1
The Whooper Swans of Lake Kussharo

Whooper swans return to Lake Kussharo every winter as if to fulfill an age old promise. The surface of the lake freezes in the winter, but along its sandy beach geothermal springs prevent any ice from forming. There you will find some 300 whooper swans. Have they or have they not transformed into a Greek God? They spend winter here and enjoy the water together as they rest their pure white wings amid the snow-covered winter wonderland.

In addition to whooper swans, you may also be able to catch a glimpse of wildfowl such as the white-tailed eagles, common buzzards, brown hawk owls, yellow-breasted greenfinches as well as wildlife like Sika deer, Siberian chipmunks, sables, and mountain hares. In addition, the robust cicada of Wakoto peninsula have been designated as a natural treasure by the government of Japan as the northernmost enclave of robust cicada.

Compared to the mystical Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo is a recreation spot open to all. During the summer months, the lake is abuzz with sailboats and windsurfers, while the shores are dotted with myriad colors of camping tents. The lake is also known for its trout fishing and hiking trails. This area is also dotted with free outdoor hot spring baths. The Ikenoyu outdoor hot spring is famous as the destination of whooper swans in the winter, but the most popular of these baths is the personal outdoor hot spring baths made in the summer. This personal baths are made by digging a hole in the sandy beach, which soon fills with all natural hot spring water that bubbles up from below. Many enjoy digging their own hot spring bath and kicking back to enjoy a dip while taking in the sunset over the lake. Such a luxury is one only made possible here on the shore of Lake Kussharo.



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